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Near winning, but somethin even better happened to me this weekend. Willimina~!!!! This lovely lady in red aproached me in my dressing room and said "could I have a moment alone with you?" and I didn't know why or who she was but I said of course. Then she proceeded in telling me that she had come this weekend, not expecting to scout any talent, but that she saw something in me that she hasn't seen in someone my age in a very long time. she told me she represents Willimina and every so often, they invest in new talent. she couldn't promise me anything but she wants a consultation to take some photos and meet with my parents and I. She said I was a bit short of runway minimum, but that I have an incredibly unique marketable print look. That she could see me doing high-fashion print, but it all rests on how good I am in front of the camera. she said that could make or brake me. If the other reps like what they see, they will fly me to New York where I would be living in a dorm with three other new models. Excitment doesn't even begin to explain what I am feeling. I will post some pics from the pageant later.
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