jade_o (jade_o) wrote,

Just got back from door county. It was alright. Saw some family I havn't been able to see in a long time and played a few games of volleyball. Wasn't badgered too bad. People look at me so weird, but I just ignore it. I am going to my moms for the night. Havn't seen my kitty in ages and I could use some animal theripy.lol. She always makes me happy. Just watching her big luggish cute self! Love it! Plus, I know my mom wont bug me about the whole eating issue. After all, she was the one who suggested I dont eat as much!

I know that things will get better... they always do! Plus, after watching the news and seeing all the awful things from hurricane Katrina, it makes me realize how truly lucky I am just to have a roof over my head. So many lost lives! So many scared children. So much confusion... I am praying for them!
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