jade_o (jade_o) wrote,

The pageant is one month away! Very excited!!!! Got my hair done for free at Regis. They needed a hair model and one of the girls that does the miss conduct thing with me is a beautician there. It's awesome. I got it cut, dyed, and highlighted. I will attach a pic of it.

Sorry about the quality. They were taken on my shitty toy digital camera. But hey it works.

Otherwise, I am doing quit well. Starting my crash diet this week. Dont worry... its all safe and I WILL eat only it will be a lot of fuits and veggies and extra hard on the work outs. Wish me luck~!

Oh and p.s... my dad kicked me out of his house partly for my eating issues even though the dumbass was the one who was so gunghoe about me dieting in the first place. He thinks EVERYONE is fat, even me. But I guess I am making him look like a bad parent. Whatev~! I wont be here much longer anyway.

p.s.s My first gamblers game was awesome. Met some delicious college hockey studs and am on my way of making a pretty pennie. Our jersies are adorible~!
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