jade_o (jade_o) wrote,

Things are stressful, but good. Been preparing like no other for this pageant. Agents from all over will be there so if anything, perhaps I could get a bigger neighboring agency to sign me. I am working a lot with Majella but I would be willing to cut that down if a bigger high fashion agency would be willing to represent me. But again, I am a bit vertically challenged. I am only 5'7", but there is still potential. So I leave on the 13 and I think I will get back on the 15 or 16 of october.

Having a blast as a gambler girl. I feel like a celebrity. Little boys have crushes on us and little girls want to be us. Its a really cool feeling. All of the little kids bombart us to slap there hands or shake our poms at them. It's adorible.

My eating has improved. I am up to two moderate size meals a day. About 950 cals. Yet I am still down to 25 inches on my waist. All the excersize is paying off. 950 cals is amazing for me, mind you. Before I would go in strands of a day at 200 cals to 400 to 90 and so on. Now I am regular and much healthy. Or so they say. But I am doing good. Feeling pretty good!
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