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Everything is going good for me. I just got back from red lobster to celebrate my moms birthday! Havn't done any photo shoots for a little while but I have one coming up for a jeweler or something on that order. Some funky stuff. I dont know a ton about it. I dont care anymore what I do, as long as it pays cuz I am borderline broke. lol. Also have a calender shoot coming up in the next two week. I can do whatever pose I want where I want. Any ideas? I have a few, but I keep changing my mind. Jenna is being a bitch. Ever since my modeling picked up she has been so bitchy. I dont know what her deal is. Whatever. Shes not much of a real friend to begin with.

I have been hanging out with Ray, Denny, Red, and Greek. I know John likes me and I kinda like him. I am not sure what will come of it. Theres not much time for a relationship. So I am suppose to change my hair... BIG TIME! Not sure how and its really not in my hands. Kathrine(from Willimina) wants it pitch balck with red lowlights and highlights. Just because she thinks I can work the whole asian angle cuz my eyes are so teeny. I am petrified but I suppose I am willing to sacrifice if need be.

Ya so back to the whole Greek and me being into each other thing. It was interesting how it came about. and kinda funny cuz he was dating robbin (an old not so friendly friend) for the longest time. I hang out with Ray alot and Ray hangs out with him and I have just been chilling with that whole group. Its been fun.
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