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I want to be done with this whole modeling thing. Well... ok, not modeling itself, but deffinitly with New York and my new agent. I want to stay here.... for now at least! I am so freaked out. I gained 3 pounds since I have been home. I am still at an unhealthy weight, but I know I am going to here about it. Let me see... I think I am back up to 107 lbs. It still seems like a lot.

I broke the news about nicki to my mom. I think she is in deniel. I had a wonderful valentines day! Nickie and I went out to Los and then we went to mikes to drink a little bit. Jeff D., Kyle, Brad, and Brandon were there and things got a bit irritating. Especialy when their quistions got a little bit graphic. Mike kept saying he wanted to be the creme in our oreo cookie sandwhich. Silly boys. They just dont get it! After that fun witch hun, we went to nickies and watched a movie and visited with her adorable kitten. I got her carnations and a red teddy bear. She got me a cute lil pengy, some chocolates, and this sweet card! It was great!
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